Tigerprenuers club is finally here.

What’s Tigerpreneurs Club?

It’s an entrepreneurship platform for the youth who want to create jobs for themselves and members of the society through execution of innovative ideas with the potential of being commercialized into profitable businesses.

What are the benefits of this platform?

The ambitious entrepreneurs get a chance to get coaching, mentorship and funding for their innovative business ideas.

Entrepreneurs will also get an opportunity to work with experts from leading corporations, agencies and so on from different industries.

What does Tigerpreneurs Club aims to achieve?

Through entrepreneurship, Tigerpreneurs Club primarily targets to solve the unemployment challenge. We target to establish over 500 businesses every single year with an increasing number effect every year.

We also aim to educate the population on financial intelligence, how to master the key technical skills necessary to amplify one’s financial intelligence. With this knowledge people can stop working for money, master the power of money and literally order it to work for them.

We believe we can achieve a first world economy if everyone has the right education, opportunities and above all, an entrepreneurial mindset. Success in personal wealth, community or a country level is driven by innovation.

How can one be part of Tigerpreneurs Club?

So easy, all you need to do is like our Facebook page and you will get all the updates.

We also run quarterly challenges where winners are awarded grants to help them start their businesses.

There are free coaching sessions spread out throughout the year and you can only be part of this initiative if you’re updated.

So do you have an interest to get into entrepreneurship? Come be a Tigerpreneur and have fun as we solve the serious challenges in the planet.

During a training session with a group of young entrepreneurs.


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